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Table of Equivalent Ranks
Kriegsmarine United States Navy Royal Navy
Grossadmiral Fleet Admiral Admiral of the fleet
Admiral Admiral Admiral
Vizeadmiral Vice Admiral Vice-Admiral
Konteradmiral Rear Admiral Rear-Admiral
Kommodore Commodore Commodore
Kapitän zur See Captain Captain
Fregattenkapitän Captain (Junior) Captain (Junior)
Korvettenkapitän Commander Commander
Kapitänleutnant Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Commander
Oberleutnant zur See Lieutenant (Senior) Lieutenant (Senior)
Leutnant zur See Lieutenant (Junior) Lieutenant (Senior)
Oberfähnrich zur See Ensign Sub-Lieutenant
Fähnrich zur See Midshipman Midshipman/Cadet
Stabsoberbootsmann* Chief Warrant Officer
Oberbootsmann* Warrant Officer (W-3) Warrant Officer
Stabsbootsmann* Warrant Officer (W-2)
Bootsmann* Warrant Officer (W-1)
Master Chief Petty Officer
Senior Chief Petty Officer
Oberbootsmannsmaat* Chief Petty Officer Chief Petty Officer
Bootsmannsmaat* Petty Officer 1st Class Petty Officer
Matrosensstabsobergefreiter Petty Officer 2nd Class
Matrosenhauptgefreiter Seaman Able Seaman
Matrosengefreiter Seaman Apprentice Ordinary Seaman
Matrose Seaman Recruit
*Bootsmann designates the rating or specialty of petty officers and warrant officers.
The suffix maat designates a senior petty officer. A title without a suffix designates a warrant officer. Other ratings are substituted as appropriate. For example: Maschinenmaat, Obersignalmaat, Oberatilleriemechaniker, Stabsoberbootsmann.

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